Should I text her? Or hold off a little longer?

Backstory: Known each other for a year. Hung out 2 months ago. Had sex. Felt like relationship was next. A month ago She said we should just be friends cause her life was waaaay to busy and she couldn't handle a boyfriend. I believe her reasons are legit.

So I haven't talked to her in like 2-3 weeks. I did see her briefly at her job cause I went to buy something, but other than that nothing. I did text her after I saw her just asking how things were going but never got a response. I really miss her and I told her that I really liked her (she responded saying she couldn't handle a boyfriend right now). I keep waiting to hear from her one day but it never happens...should I try to restablish contact or give it some more time?


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  • It's obvious she's probably not into you and that's okay. If you do want her to come for you just don't text her and maybe she will come around. There are plenty of girls out there. Don't waste your time and energy on this one girl.. People have sex all the time..unfortunately it doesn't always mean something

    • She said she had always liked me, before we even hung out, and continues to say she likes me but can't handle a boyfriend. What am I supposed to do? If she does like me, then when do I make a move? If I believe she doesn't like me, but she actually does and IS too busy, then I'm just throwing away an opportunity by not doing anything. Of course I can't ask her for a straight answer because then that will make me seem too girls (blanket statement, yes) are so confusing lol

    •'s not even like that cause you guys are just as confusing lol. All I can say is if she wanted it bad enough or if anyone wanted to be with someone bad enough they would make the time. They would try. I've said I liked someone a lot too but sometimes it's not enough to actually wanna date them

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