Feeling left out from getting loved.

interracial dating is on the rise. everyone is mixing but the only people who are being left out of the love fest is black women. why? why are non black women open to dating black men more so than non black men willing to date black women? the last thing black women need is to be treated like sh*t for hundreds of years then not find love on top of that.


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  • Says who? I've dated some black girls.

    • but you didn't marry them so it doesn't solve the problem

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    • because if white men don't take black women seriously then it defeats the purpose of black women dating outside of our race.

    • Some men just aren't interested in marrying period. I am one of them. That has nothing to do with blackness or non-blackness. Marriage is too risky for a man in the U.S. given today's divorce, domestic violence and custody laws. No thank you! I am willing to have a stable long-term relationship though.

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  • I think you have answered your own question. You make it seem like being a black woman is a group of a shared thoughts like a republican party. What are you first, a woman or a Black woman.

    You will see more Black men with other races for one major reason, women fantasize more and men do not. Many white men are intimidated or don't feel comfortable asking a Black woman out.

    I have dated about 9 Black women. I went to private schools and my sister was a Cheerleader and would have sleep over. I was one of the luckiest guys on the planet. My bothers best friend had a little sister who had a crush on me. Her first year in college we went out for the first time. This is a woman I will always love. Could not marry because of our families being friends. My mother and her mother are good friends. Her mother and father think I am either a playboy or male slut. I travel much and have brought women home from Asia, Germany and Brazil to meet mom and dad. I love brown skin women but not much into the American Black woman. I love Latin women but not turned on by Mexican women. It is what it is.

    Black woman as a group have a lot of explaining. If the race of Black women where a business the products they are producing are terribly flawed. The Black woman can and does become a mother. Around the world mother are making the decision to have their son's painfully circumcised at birth to make it know to the world this child at birth was promised to God. With all the Black mothers, Grand mothers and Great grand mothers, why does the draug man exist. What woman permits her son to leave the house with his pants down?

    Black American women are seen as being a bit machisma, in being forced to play the role of both mother and father. I understand your plight. You have the Black male walking around with his pants down and disrespecting women in music and all this is falling on the shoulders of the mother. What mother would permit her son to show his ass in public? If women did not approve of this behavior, the action would change.

    It is easier to ask someone if they are gay than it is to ask if there is a Draug man in the family.

    There are more Black women married to other raced men than you think. You just don't see them.

    If you are asking where can you find white men looking for brown skin women try Europe. In Hamburg Germany in the district of St Pauli (yes the beer) there is a bar called Black Bar which is owned by Africans. You have the most beautiful women from around Europe looking for some brown skin men. At the same time German men looking for brown skin women. I say brown skin because Black mostly exist in the USA. Looking at white faces all day gets boring after a while. My translator was African and the women were on him like he was the only man on the planet. In Europe you will not be seen as Black but more as American.

    • first of all you don't know what the hell you are talking about. black women don't have to explain anthing and even if we did you wouldn't understand. for as the pants hanging, my mother hated my brother sagg'n and told him to pull up his pants before she smacks him almost everyday. but my brother still was sagg'n when my mother wasn't around. so you don't know what you are talking about. for as black American women, we have been through sh*t that other women have nightmares about

  • I find black girls really beautiful, I don't think they need to be left out but definitely don't settle for a guy that won't appreciate you. There are lots of white guyswho'd love to date you I'm sure but you just found yourself in a bad area

  • jUst take it easy..everyone can be loved...but everyone has its own taste...if you can't be loved now...maybe someday...don't rush...lOve has its way...

    • beautiful words but I want love now and black women in this country can't afford to wait.

  • I think mostly because black women seem uninterested in white men. I find some black women attractive, but I wouldn't think of approaching them because they seem uninterested. But black women do not deserve to be treated like crap, and I think for the most part, black men treat them that way.

    • black women like white guys more than you think . what can a black woman do to show that they are interested?

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    • No, I foresee me being VIEWED as one and I know I'm worth so much more than that. So I just keep my distance.

    • i hate it when white guys say "oh I always wanted to try a black chick" like I am a orderve to curb your appetite until you find that special white or Asian girl to settle down with.

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  • Sweetie, I know it can be hard but there are guys out there who want to be with black women.

    Some people here may not understand what you're saying and they think you're having a pity party. They don't understand that black women's features are the farthest away from what this white world promotes as beautiful. They don't know how it feels to have people subliminally say you are not as attractive because of the features you were born with. Non-black women don't know what it's like to have your own man belittle you. Ignore them. They don't get it.

    I am living proof that black women can get a lot of male attention and love.

    You just have to work with what you have. Get in shape, take care of your hair, and most importantly; HAVE A BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY. Understand charm in it's limitless forms. Be charasmatic and alluring. Have sex appeal without being promiscuous and whore-like. It will work, I promise!

    • The way many African American men are towards black women is disgusting and disgraceful.

      I've actually had a Dominican tell me stuff like "I can treat you so much better than a black guy. I'll never make you feel not good enough for being black. Your blackness is beautiful." and they're being sweet and seductive by pretty much saying they'll do what most black men don't do for black women. It's sad how much it works too.

    • thank you for understandimg

      thank you