If you tell your date and her friend goodbye, which one do you kiss first?

(or hug first if that's the typical thing to do in your culture)

really? I would kiss the date first...and I was offended that he kissed my friend first!


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  • Yes the date 1st which is a natural thing to do. But there could be other reasons than 'liking the friend better' to kiss / hug the friend 1st.

    Your offense is justified in normal circumstances. But human minds may work in a way that is not always predictable to even self. Some open talk and ofcourse noticing future traits and trends will help.

    • well I'm not dating him anymore, I was just wondring about this. maybe it's because he was from another culture. I don't even know who you are supposed to kiss first in my culture

    • You are so right, culture too could have a lot to do with such stuff. But in today's modern metrosexual world I'd put logic before anything else :) i..e kiss and hug your date 1st

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  • he kissed your friend first then you because he wants your taste to be last on his lips,which makes him remind of you after you left...dats what a real gentlemen do...so instead of getting annoyed on his move you should praise him because he is real gentlemen...

    • hmm I never looked at it this way, that's cute :)

  • I'd maybe give the friend a quick hug, then release. Then move to my date, and give her a longer, and tighter hug, and possibly a kiss on the cheek if not the lips.

    • I would not kiss the friend. But I would hug, and do it first. Maybe. And I would do it to show a distinction, but also to be kind to the friend.

  • Friend first. Make that short and sweet. Then spend a longer more intimate time with your date.

  • Heh..I don't know...but I wish I were young & single...so I could kiss YOU!

    • doesn't really answer the question :-/

    • OKaaaaay..I would kiss ONLY you...and not your friend...that is my culture...and yes..you are very kissable! (:(:(:(:

  • I'd kiss my date, friend no.

    • Wait up. On second thought I can't be so sure. Could you be my date so I could move this beyond just theory?

    • its just a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye :)

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