How would you behave on the first date with your partner?

When you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend, what do you expect from your date and how would you behave?


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  • Me: Polite. Witty. Ladylike

    Him: Funny. Chatty. Polite


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  • Kinda depends on how comfortable I feel with him. I'm always fairly quiet, but I do have a quirky sense of humor and wording that only flows normally when I'm with someone that is a little random and off the wall themselves. If its just a nice, more seemingly 'normal' guy, I'll still try to chat and be polite, but there's still a good chance of awkward silences, and the feeling of forced conversation.

    I always like guys that aren't afraid to say exactly what they're thinking, even of its a little crazy.

    • I am that kind of guy, but I think people say I am too blunt.

  • People are on their best behavior on a first date, or at least they should be. On a first date I expect to be nervous. I want to see a guy who is confident, polite to others and myself, express interest in learning about me and willing to talk about himself. I would try to look nice, be polite, ask questions, be attentive . . . I would also expect him to pay on the first date. I would go halfsies, but it would be a bit of a put off. Into the relationship spending evens out btwn the guy and gal but I do think it's proper for the man to pay on the 1st date.


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