Is this a good escape plan from male -racism?

I do not mean the civil rights blatancy of racism or the women rights parade, but the media and it;s effect on the American male psyche. Black women were some how a threat to white men and white power, a lot of us married wealthy white males before the jim crow, since this was a threat to the wealthy of the white community, we had to seen as hideous and masculine. The black male was thus emasculated to a high degree. I feel that men unconditioned from this racism towards black women just perceive black women as a woman. American men perceive black women in cruel and demeaning ways. It annoys me and I as an African girl feel awful in this country, like no man date me nor ever marry me. I am trying to achieve Jordan Spark's complexion , and the pills are working ..glow2thione, but I like my brown skin.

I feel that I am a great story teller for kids, and I love them for they are not judgmental like men are. I like hanging around fun women too. My biggest fear in life, I am a virgin by the way, is to never be intimate with any man.Guys say " oh I would never date a black girl eww" , they are brainwashed by media and our stereotypes never leave, media makes money off of them. Capitalism.

German men and Irish men and other men in Western Europe like us, my cousins that live there say that they are flaunted , those men are not conditioned with the same racism that is All too American.

Should I keep some of my features , write some stories and leave ..this will take time, or should I stay in America us all the products on my activity page where it says about me...and still live in racist United States? I am an African brown girl, oval eyes...but my nose if thinner due to nose right.


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  • Didn't you already ask a similar question about this pertaining to the generalizations of "white" people toward those of other races? Everyone puts so much emphasis on racial issues that are unneeded today. Like it's ridiculous at this point and I am so tired of hearing about it. The year is 2012 and we are all EQUALS.

    I am fine with interracial dating and I far from view black women as a threat to my way of life. Black men treat black women far worse then white men do. Look at all your rap stars for example. Women are objectified and called every name under the sun, and that doesn't happen from white people.

    Way to turn it political too, but since you want to talk about how the media makes money off objectifying black women in our Capitalist country, you have no one to blame but your own race for that. Groups like 2 Live Crew for example who basically demeaned you all as nothing but worthless sex objects.

    In a nutshell, if you are going to live this way and have this mindset about your treatment from white people, move to a different country. I see your question as shallow and very closed-minded. It's the typical race card. People always talk about how the black race is viewed down upon and I think that is false. It's just unfortunate that your race is based off of the Ebonics speaking thugs who sleep with anyone they can have multiple illegitimate children. It's the lifestyle that is projected that gets judged. The only people that can fix it, is yourselves.

    • lol I am African and I go to majority white school, my race is classy but I interact with less African males. lol no rap for me , very funny . No it is just the media, and certain white movies.

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    • Stop hiding behind discrimination and maybe white guys will want to talk to you more.

    • sorry we are talking into the forever dimension but I need that blanket to protect me. I will try though since I have University tom.

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  • Don't generalize too much.

    If I come across a funny, cute and clever woman, I don't even notice her skin color. And I am pretty sure most guys think like that.

  • What if I just prefer white women over other women? How does that make me a racist? That's like saying women that like tall men are "heightest". That's pure nonsense. We all have our preferences. Black girls can go after whomever they want. If the attraction is mutual, great. If not, move on. That's what guys have to do as well.

    • ok that is you but it is too a high extent, and there was a time when black women got married, not anymore, the social climate changed too like the media making us look bad, so yeah it is racism

    • Black women that work really hard to get married, get married. Getting married isn't an easy thing nowadays because less men want to get married. If you want to get married, you had better work hard on finding a husband.

    • seems like no matter how hard, it is hopeless, maybe the generation climate changed too, still when it comes to dating, we are shunned. I don't want to leave but it is hopeless in USA for us.

  • So it's just GOT to be racism? There is no way some people just prefer lighter skin and/or lighter hair? Nope, it's GOT to be racism.

    Of course it isn't always just skin color and hair color, there is also the fact that most white guys don't want to date a black girl who finds a racist hiding behind every tree. It get's really tiring really fast.

    • trust me if I could find a guy that is interested, that would be a record. Majority is not, that is a huge problem, media only glamorizes lighter skinned or white women, so it turns out to be a big deal.

      Maybe not a blatant racist but a lot of men just look at us and go eww, but my main focus is my plan.

      This is too a high degree.

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