He only talks to me if he plans on seeing me.

So over our year relationship I've noticed my boyfriend talks to me less when he's not able to see me. He won't text or call me all day unless he is planning on seeing me. He used to at least text me how was my day or call before he went to sleep. Now it's nothing. But when he plans on seeing me he will text me good morning, on his lunch break,when he gets off, when he's on his way etc. like this weekend he had to pay for an expensive part for his truck that broke and it took his whole paycheck. He hasn't talked to me all weekend. I called him last night and we talked but I hate when I have to call him. I feel like he isn't thinking about me. Thoughts?

We broke up :( he dragged it out. One day we were planning our Christmas Day the next he says if I went to church with him it would be just as friends. Asshole.


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  • Sounds like he is getting distant. You need to confront him about it.

    • He's always done this. Sometimes he doesn't do it sometimes like this weekend he did. I've never understood it.

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