Drunk-texted her. What do I do?

Okay, so there was a girl at work I was about to ask out. One of my friends also had a thing for me (I didn't know she did). She found out about the girl from work and we didn't really talk much for a while after (more like acquaintances). A month or two ago, I started to like her again. Friday night, I got drunk and later on sent her a text apologizing for hurting her. She hasn't responded in any way yet. No Facebook, phone call, anything. What should I do?


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  • next time you see her, just say, "sorry for the strange text, I was kinda drunk" and see how she responds. If you're in a public setting, she'll have to be at least civilized about it, and you can show her that you aren't as weird as you come across.

    • Well, she lives an hour away...

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    • that could be, although telling her that the text was a mistake may ease her stress about coming up with a response.

    • Well, she's also very bold and outgoing. I don't know. Maybe she gets stumped sometimes too. I may text her tomorrow.

  • I hate drunk texts/calls. I always end up making a fool of myself so maybe if she has done it before she would understand. I would just tell her exactly what you're telling us here - that you realized she liked you when you liked some girl from work and now you're over that and started liking her and got drunk and accidentally texted her what you texted her. As simple as that. :)

    • Could it be that she doesn't really know how to respond to it?

    • Probably. You seriously just need to actually talk to her. Explain the text. Ask her why she didn't respond.

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