Should I call her?

I had a date on Saturday night with a girl I'm crazy about. It seemed to be going really well, then when I walked her home I asked if she wanted to do something next week. She said yes, and I went to kiss her but she turned away. She explained she was just out of a year-long relationship, and it felt weird. She said she did like me though. I texted her when I got home and said I was sorry if I had made things awkward. She said "don't be silly, I had a good night", so I asked her if she fancied dinner next week. She didn't reply. It's now Tuesday and I haven't heard from her. Any thoughts?


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  • i agree, you should give her a buzz, call her and ask her to dinner. If she answers just let her know that you had such a great time on the last date that you would like to see her again for dinner. If she doesn't know what to say at first or she takes a minute to reply then she might just be hesitant since she is still getting over a recent break up. So instead of asking her to dinner ask her to do something fun for a date. FOr example, show her how to do something that you are really into (like a sport, painting, etc...) or you can go mini golfing or something. Think of something fun and not too date-ish so it doesn't put pressure on her since she still is in a sensitive position but also gets to know you and have a great time with you.

    So try to stay away from the traditional date scenario for a little bit and see how that goes. also you can try texting her "good day, how is your (day of the week) going so far?" and that's it, try not to text too much or anything since some girls think it comes off as desperate.


    and let me know how this works out for you!


  • Perhaps try calling her and asking her (sometimes my texts don't go through). If she doesn't pick up just leave her a message about it. If she doesn't answer after a few days then you have your answer.


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