Our relationship got really serious, really fast. Is that bad?

I met this guy less than two months ago and you'd think we'd been dating for a year! We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now... and it really seems like we've been dating forever. He's really good to me... but he doesn't really seem to let me be all "serious" back to him. Is that bad?

For example, after 3 weeks of knowing each other before even dating I got sick... and he brought me food, medicine and a stuffed animal. I thought it was way much for someone who wasn't dating. Well, we started dating that week... but now he's gotten me a necklace and I spend the night at his place all the time and so on.. idk, it just seems to all be happening really fast! Is that bad? He seems so into me and I don't feel like I've caught up with him. I'm pretty sure he'd tell me he loved me if he could, but we keep saying that we aren't going to do that for a long time. I'm not in love with him... how could he be in love with me already?


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  • it's nature. guys fall in love very quickly. much quicker than women.

    • ah. so... he might love me... that's fast... wow. the other day he said we should find more activities we have in common other than sexual things haha. is that bad? I mean, we haven't had sex, but everything else lol. it was just awkward the way he put it! I guess maybe that's a good thing though? That he wants to do things not just in bed with me? haha

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