Has anyone ever put their all into a guy/girl and got pushed away?

has anyone ever put their all into a guy/girl even though they began to treat you so wrong...i been with this guy over 6 years and I'm pregnant...i can say its sad because he doesn't even know yet at all because he won't even pick up the phone or text most of the time when he pick up we be arguing...he said some mean things to me on twitter without saying anything to me...he tried to get girls to fight me...he even had females to answer his phone as girlfriend...he was the one chasing me for 3 years to get me...he tell his friends about me in a bad way...he called me crazy when all I'm trying to do is get things right again...i never called him crazy when he use to blow my phone up at 7am and call until I answer..t.ext me crazy...he even told his parents about me...the stuff he put me through you won't even believe me...please don't call me dumb because you have to be strong to go through what he put me through...he even went to my family house told them everything showed them pictures in the text messages...he told everybody he knew about me...he threatend to have a female to come fight me but when they do try to come fight me he just stop the fight...normally when a person calls him and he don't want them calling him he will block them I'm not blocked...he even showed his friends the messages and pictures...im not a drama female I'm not the type to bust windows out and go to the extreme I cry everynight because I wanna tell him I'm pregnant but if he's not replying to my texts then what to do...i can't tell him through a text...he changed this year...everybody know about me in a bad way


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  • Get som self-respect. You're basically validating this guys crappy behavior by what you said. You give your all and you get pushed away. That defines this situation. You give, he takes advantage, you're worse off. I'm not going to tell you what to do with your body, but any further involvement with this person will ruin your life. Cut it off, and don't make the same mistake. Teach people how to treat you.


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  • It's so weird he"s acting this way after you've been together for six years.

    It's so weird too that everybody listens to what he says...and what kind of pics and texts did you send him?

    It really sounds like he is totally over your relationship.

    Anyway, you can tell him you're pregnant if you want him to be involved with the baby.

    You should forget any idea of relationship with him though... He's trying to get girls to fight you? WTF? What kind of loving boyfriend is that?

    Do you really want to be with someone who shows you such hatred and disrespect?

    • what he tells his friends or whatever doesn't happen behind closed doors...when he see me with another girl he get in his feelings and pics I sent him in the past but not naked picture and texts saying we need to talk or I miss you he just trying to be like his twin and his friends