Are you a frequent drunk dialler or texter? Stories

I text drunk like its going out of fashion.

Funny stories about drunk messages sent or received? Or embarrassing stories. Those are good too.


Called a friend up when I was visiting his city and was out at a club, had already had a few too many shots... told him I loved him and started crying saying how shattered I was he hadn't come out.

He told me he was waiting for me outside the bathroom and had said hello to me just before I went into the bathroom

  • Drunk Mobile Maniac
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  • Perfectly able to restrain myself thank you
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  • Reformed drunk dialler/texter
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  • Isn't that the reason people drink.. so they have an excuse to do that?
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I think I would suggest there is a negative correlation between the amount of time that has passed since the message was sent, and amusement with the content of the message.

Also, there's nothing like that moment of hope when you read a message you sent the night prior, and hope that the spelling mistakes you made completely skewed meaning for the recipient

Not enough stories... I think its mainly girls who do it. GIRLS, WHERE ARE YOU? Tell me your stories :[


Most Helpful Guy

  • The one text that made me put the phone away while drinking?

    I accidently sent a text, actually a picture text, to a friend that was meant for my girlfriend. Easy drunken mistake due to them both having the same name but terribly embarrassing. Since then whenever I go out for drinks my phone stays in my car and my zipper only opens when I need to go pee.


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  • no its not something that I have done over the years , but once when I was really wasted I got into a taxi and sat on my cell phone and broke it . that was a couple years ago

  • Not into it. Then again I am not a big drinker.

  • I don't get drunk. It's not cool to me

    However, I think if I did get drunk, I probably would drunk text. I'm always texting so yeah

  • I never get drunk to the point of doing it.

    • I would have to say, you're missing out

    • QA who are you to say what's "cool" and what isn't. If he doesn't want to get drunk, that's his choice, not yours

  • Heh Heh...I voted "C"...but I did plenty when I was your age...(:(:(:


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  • I used to send the occasional drunken text but nowadays not so much.

    Even if I do send something, it's normally perfectly written (dunno how I do it) so it's readable and half understandable!