If you are in your early 20s would you date a girl that is late 20s if she looks younger than you?

i now the beauty look pick for girls is 20/25 and than girls start having wrinkles and not looking as good, but it comes to how they care themselves and genetics...

some girls look older than they are and some look younger...

so I have this question because I feel old in my late 20s but I still look like my young 20s I've been taking care of my skin and self so I wonder if younger guys would still date me even when they know my age...(most guys my age are taken)


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  • I would wager that most young guys would hook up but I don't think most would want to pursue relationships with a girl 6-7+ years older while in their early 20s. Most guys your age are taken huh, I guess they tend get in long term relationships or married.

    • yeah guess I shouldn't take so long to meet someone now its too late for me...what about 5 years younger lol

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  • Wrinkles in your 20s? wth? Most women don't get wrinkles until their 40s

    • well maybe its where I live and girls not wearing sunscreen but they have so much wrinkles it's scary, (late 20's) around the eyes and forehead...i don't have and everyone thinks I look like 22