Guys what are your first date, at the movies tactics?

When you ask your date if she is feeling cold are you expecting her to say yes, in turn to get close maybe even get a reason to hug?

when you direct your date to back row of the cinema does it mean that you have expectations of a kiss?

well, this guy and I went to see a movie . This was our first one on one meeting . We have been messaging everyday for a month ... Never talked over the phone .. He did directed me to sit at the back row . After like 15mins into the movie asked if I was feeling cold but I said no . I really did not know or think twice before answering . Well after that he was like cracking his fingers. He cracked his fingers 5 different times ... We did not hug or anything .. I hugged him before I came out of the car to go into my home but that was random and unexpected ... I really like him did I blow my chances ?

im feeling like I did something wrong...


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  • Woahhhh! You guys have been on one date - you didn't blow your chances, you don't need to save face, and you don't need any sort of damage control (and you're the girl ;)...SO CHILLLL!

    So let's go through this (and please excuse my extraneous remarks, I felt they were necessary)...

    First, does directing your date to the back row of the theatre (or cinema as you prefer to call it) have an expectation of a kiss? Well here's my take. It CAN come with the expectation of a kiss, but I would only be pushing for the kiss if I can tell myself with 100% certainty (okay, maybe more like better than 50%) she's going to be willing to reciprocate. More often than not, I keep it to a hug because it a)builds anticipation (and attraction/tension) for the next meeting b)it feels more natural for the first time meeting and c)saves me in the case that I'm not reading her right. And let's be just a little bit logical here - if Guy takes Girl to a crowded theatre, is he more likely to sit in row 7 next to the random assortment of redneck couples and soccer moms with crying children? Or is he gonna try and sit towards the back where there's a more "intimate" setting with a girl he's really interested in (he went on a date with you didn't he?) and where he can somewhat control who's sitting near you on 3 of the 4 sides (everywhere except in front of you) (ie giving poor seat row candidates "the look", or just sitting on the end of the row).

    Next, is the fact you said you weren't cold, when he asked you if you were, a bad thing? Here's face value for ya: if you go to starbucks and order a coffee, is the barista gonna be wondering the entire time you're sitting there drinking it if you're enjoying it because you decided you only wanted cream (no pun intended) and not sugar? (The answer I'm looking for is no). I can say pretty certainly he planned (more on this later) to offer to shed his hoodie/jacket/outerwear because IT FEELS ALPHA TO DO SO. But (back to face value here) the fact that you didn't recognize/acknowledge this comes back to him wondering if you're cold: a question with one possible answer being "yes" and the other possible answer being "no". No guy will give up and call it quits because a girl he liked didn't take his jacket in a movie theatre. If you're worried and/or are being hard on yourself, consider it a gesture of chivalry - nothing more, nothing less - because that's all it was.

    And lastly, that good ole knuckle cracking. I'm gonna say (pretty certain here) it was just an expression of him being nervous. Here's how the first part of the date really went from my view: guy takes girl to movies, guy and girl sit at back of theatre, guy offers jacket, girl declines jacket, guy goes into nervous wreck and/or is trying to make sure the date won't suddenly downward spiral. I'm sure he was just getting a little nervous. (continued in comments section because I have more than 3000 characters of advice to give today (you're in luck!))

    • On the flip side of that and if by some chance it wasn't just a nervous reaction (although I'm sure (like 99%) he was just nervous) he could be a fidgeter. Here's a little story: I'm a fidgeter - but I know it and use it to my advantage (that's the key). I was talking to (am now dating) a girl I sit next to in a lecture and early on I wasn't really sure where she stood with me (now I can read her like a book, but that's beside the point).

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    • um no, don't do that - because I guarantee all hope is lost if you give him time. You need to make sure he knows you like him and you're interested in him. If he's flirting with you sometimes, he is kind of wavering back and forth most likely because like I said, he's not sure what you think of him. Playful persistence is the key here.

    • (cont.) Not sure what the quote is but it's become my strategy/mantra with my girl (who was giving me mixed signals at first) but it's something like "it's okay to build a wall around your heart, because the one that matters will take the time to climb it"...Stick with it until you're 110% sure all hope is lost, because until then, there IS a at least a flicker of hope. That's all I needed to keep me pursuing my girl, that's all you need for this lucky guy.

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  • firstly when he asked you that are you feeling cold...he was just askin you because he cares 4 u,he might hv felt cold that tym bt may be when he watched your clothes(sleevless shirt or anything lyk dat) which is nt properly coverd,he thought might be you feelin cold...

    2.yes,when he booked ticket of last row he is expecting a kiss...

    Thirdly you didn't blow your chance,coz he understands that you are not feelin comfortable or watever may be next tym use your presence of mind...


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