Why do girls lead guys on?

For the last two weeks a girl I work with and myself have been flirting a lot. She texts me all the time, even in the middle of the night. We have met for beers but her friends were there. Yet it was still fun. We had set up a date a week ago and she cancelled day of about 5 hours in advance. I was bummed but she said we could get a drink after she got back. (She had to take a family member to see another family member about an hour away.) She said she would keep me posted. She never called or texted at all. The next day I didn't call or text and saw her at work. She was acting fine and so I played it cool. She asked me to meet her today for lunch. (In 3 hours) The last two days she has had a family wedding going on and been pretty crazy but she has texted a bunch and even went so far as to say she wanted to cuddle with me. Last night she was texting and said she might have to go to brunch with her family and wasn't sure about our plans. I was frustrated and upset about how she handled it so I didn't respond much at all. (Just said ok) Now I can't get a hold of her and its 10:00 a.m. I called and texted, not demanding just asking if she could tell me what's up with today. I feel as if she is playing games. We have said we need to talk about the fact that we work together but we both think we can work it out. (Maybe this is getting in the way?) She has a bad habit of not responding to texts at all or ending conversations by just not responding. She has said she is very self centered and that could be true and a problem. Update, she just texted and said she just woke up. She wants to reschedule but it seems forced. Yet she has texted me off and on all day. Thoughts recommendations?


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  • 1. Girls lead guys on just the same reason why guys lead girls on :)

    2. The time about her taking her family member out to meet another she may not have texted since she may have been tied down with something there - doesn't add up to a lead on situation

    3. There are quite a few people who have this habit of ending conversations by simply not responding - could be a natural trait, you can talk to her about this (she may be a December born lol)

    4. Her description about herself being self centered is her judgement and opinion about herself but not necessarily a fact or a problem. Look at her your way and make your own calls.

    5. She sure is a moody creature. I'd personally love being around one (personal likes) and I understand such people well generally.

    6. Cats are often described as self centered and selfish (so are some men but women that way are more adorable) but that's not a fact. Just that their way of showing affection is different from what we generally perceive 'showing affection' as - point 4 again

  • They like the attention and sometimes the perks (food, jewelry, wooing, etc) that comes with it. They will even flirt at the bar when the guy is in the bathroom just to provoke a confrontation.