Good profile description for online dating?

Before everyone start brainstorming, I would like to know what has actually worked for you? Girls and Guys both.

What type of description peaks your interest?

What type of description ticks you off ? and you move on saying - no way, that was just lame/stupid.



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  • I have been through the online dating for over a year and let me tell you, it's very sketchy. Your profile will attract what you are looking for as long as it truly reflects you.

    Just make sure your profile is actually interesting but also reflective of who you actually are. Not too long, not too short. Girls who see a "casual" profile are truly looking for casual dating that goes nowhere for example. I avoid casual dating online due to the fact that disappearing acts are so common. You can have what you thought was a wonderful date and just flat out never hear from the other person ever again.

    If a girl cannot give me her number in 5 messages or arrange a meet with me, I stop messaging her. Many disagree with this but it has saved me so many countless messaging sessions that I have had where the girl just flat out stopped writing me meaning it was all wasted time. Some girls will say things like "I want to get to know you better" but are oblivious to the fact that meeting is how you get to know the person and many people lie in their profiles and messages. Many people chicken out of meeting but are always up for "chatting online" and waste people's time.

    Girls online act like everyone is after "one thing only" and you will read many girls' profiles screaming and ranting about guys wanting to hook up with them. Highly attractive girls can get 20 messages a day easily so they can easily be overwhelmed.

    A few suggestions:

    Do NOT do dinner for a first date. If the girl wants a relationship, she will have no problem with this. There are girls out there who go from guy to guy taking free dinners. AKA: Gold diggers. Stick with coffee or something similar.

    Arrange for a meet quickly if you do get her number. Don't spend too much time talking to an internet identity. There are plenty of people misrepresenting themselves in their profile. Don't feel guilty if you want to message other people while talking to one potential meet. You don't even know if she'll show up.

    Never assume you're the only one she's talking to. If she does not naturally show interest in you, she can flake.

    Sorry if my views of online dating seem pessimistic but they are very real. I only leave my profile up now but never bother logging in unless I get a message or something.

    • Thank you. I like the objectivity.

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  • I get turned off by pictures where the guy is hold some sort of alcoholic beverage. It's amazing how many people have pictures taken while holding a beer. Or of guys wearing camouflage - says 'redneck' to me with is a major turn off.

    I definitely look for a description that is well written (no typos, correct grammar). It doesn't have to be lengthy, but says something as to who they are and what they're looking for. If all they write about is watching sports & having fun then I quickly move onto the next profile.

    • LOL I agree about the camouflage bit - frickin' hicks

      But a beer in one or 2 pics is a good thing

      Everything else you said is correct

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    • May be its the hunting season that gets all the camouflage rednecks out. :D

    • If you went into a long list of things like you would on a resume, but including just a few things of the type of personality you have and want in a girl isn't so bad.

      @MikeK - why is a beer in a pic a good thing?

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  • I've got one on okcupid that's pretty good... PM me and I'll send you a link if you want

    • just put the link here, what's the big secret; I can paraphrase if plagiarism is a concern.

    • Nah I don't want to display it publicly

    • ok, then add so I can PM, I sent you add request. TY

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