Should I call her again? Text her?

So I met this girl at the bar on Thursday. My roommate and I talked to her and her roommate for probably like 1.5 hours. The convo was kept pretty light, but it really seemed like the girl I was talking to had some level of interest in me based on the amount of time we talked for. I got her #, and I gave her a call on Sunday, asking her if she wanted to go to this little parade thing. She didn't answer, so I left a message. She texted me back a couple hours later and said that she had to work, but maybe we could do something another time. I said "sure, do you want to grab some food later in the week?" And she never texted me back. I mean I feel like she has to be somewhat interested in me because if not she would have just never responded to my message. I really liked her, I think there's something there, but how do I go about asking her out again? I don't wanna do too much and try to hard, but I don't wanna give up that easy. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the delay, but she ended up texting me back. We went out on 2 dates, then she never called me back. Guess she was on the fence from the beginning. O well, at least I tried.


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  • I agree with 'omgwtflol'. Attempt to reach her again. Even in this day and age of smartphones, there could be a chance she A) Didn't receive your message (I know I have a few in hyperspace somewhere that my friends claimed to have sent me) or B) was busy and forgot to respond. If she doesn't reply to your NEXT attempt, then I would say let it be.


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  • I think you should text her again. Most girls don't give out their numbers if they aren't interested, much less text you back when they could just ignore you.

    • Well what should my next move be? Should I just ask her to get food again, hit her up on a weekend and see if she's going out? Is there anything I can invite her to that's going to be hard for her to say no to?

    • She should have just flat out given you a no before if she didn't want to. Maybe try asking HSR to go out for coffes , its not as formal as a meal.

  • Well good for you, for trying!


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