Confused about a change in how he's acting?

i met this guy online. we chatted for a few weeks, and we finally hung out this past Sunday. it went pretty well...we cuddled, but didn't kiss or anything. about 15-20 minutes after I left, he texted and we chatted all night. then yesterday morning, he initiated texting again and we chatted all morning. he said he was tired and said he may be taking a nap after work and said I "may or may not" be invited. I told him that I doubt I'd get home at the same time, and my puppy feels neglected. he told me "no worries" and I suggested maybe tomorrow, to which he said "k, we'll see" and I said "alright." I didn't hear from him until I texted later, asking how the nap went. he apparently slept all night, and told me that he thinks he's going to have to work late tomorrow (now today) and he'd see when he gets out, but it's probably going to be late and then he has an hour drive home, and I said I understand.

i'm not sure if I did something wrong, or what, but something seems off. any input?


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  • Maybe he took you spending time with your puppy as rejection. I guess people hint a lot when they just meet each other rather than telling someone the truth.

    • hmm, I don't know why though, because I suggested a different time to hang out. after he told me he didn't think today's going to work, I also told him "hopefully soon. I kinda like hanging out with you" and he told me "i kinda like hanging out with you too ;)"

      just confusing

    • He's probably just busy then.

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