Do asian (desi) date black girls?

I am a black female, who is very interested in asian males. But from my experience I find that although they may find us attractive, they would never consider having a long term relationship with us.

So are there any asian guys out there who like black females?

What where can black females find asian guys?

Are asian families still against mixed relationships?


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  • Hmm not like that... i am desi guy...
    Asian but i love black gals...
    Black gals are very attractive sexy fr me
    They hav nice figure boobs and booty...
    I love them


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  • I come from a partially asian family but we are most definitely not against inter-racial relationships. Haha I don't really know where you can find them though, I guess you can try dining at an asian restaurant, you're bound to find asian guys there. ;P


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  • Hi i wanna fuck with lovely girl


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