I thought about it?! dating at work?

A guy whom I confessed to told me 'That's probably not the best idea' for his professional reputation would be on the line if he were to agree to get to know me better. I then asked if we could swap no. and he said ' I'll email you' He's been showing a lot of signs and I think he's keen. No email came and when I saw him last week for the last time, he told me ' I thought about it but I really can't. I would love to but my company's regulations would never allow me to.I'm new at this job and if someone were to find out, I could get in trouble'

me: I'm never gonna head to your office again so that shouldn't be a problem.

Him : I know that. I'm not worried for you. I'm worried for me.I'm new (1 mth) at this job and if someone were to find out, I could get in trouble.

Me: How?

Him: I could let it slip. That's all it takes.

Me: Would you?

Him: I don't know. I might.

I kept quiet then.

Him: I'm really flattered. I am and I would love to but I can't. I can't risk this, I'm sorry.

He was still teasing me before I asked him about it on the last session. He still continued displaying signs, eyes following and staring. Quite a number of them ...

Do you guys really hate to date through/at work? Sb who's associated with your work...?FML.


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  • It's unprofessional.. unfortunately. The biggest worry for companies is that you create a conflict of interest between clients and personal relationships, also that the business will be affected by the emotions you bring in from an internal relationship. I wouldn't push it if I were you, it sucks, but it's really not looked upon well. I've seen couples who work in completely different departments, but even that's rare. That being said, I'm sure he's interested too otherwise he wouldn't be giving off those signs, but right now, his professional development is more important than a social/relationship one.

    • We don't work in the same place. I'm a student/ client and his company provides academic services (uni admissions /workshops etc.) Does this still hold? He's a fresh grad and this is his first job upon grad...

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    • Knowing that dude has a soft spot for me but cannot act on it due to job obligations/bad timing downright sucks. I think it might be easier for me to move on and not cling on to that hope if he were to say that he was not keen back then. I'm kinda wishing he did that..

    • Yea I know =/ only thing I can say, and it may or may not be true for you, but in my own experience, the people that I've felt like an immediate instense connection to, never really lasted that long.. the feelings faded just as quickly. I'd still think of them as "damn that guy who I was completely obsessed with for like 3 weeks" lol but that's really it.

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  • You sound like a wrecker. And you should learn. People talk. So what if you're flattered? Don't let people tease you for being gullible. Forget the signs. That is just your interpretation. Block him. To save yourself! Yes, dating someone you work with is a ruination. No One is associated with workers outside work. It is BAD.

    • Huh? We don't work together... Gullible? Explain yourself please.

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