Second date, nice restaurant or more casual?

I'm going on my second date with this girl tonight. I was thinking about going to one of my favorite places to eat that I haven't been to in a while. It's more casual though, like no waiters, stand in line and order, seat yourself outside. The food is great though, it's got a really cool vibe, it's kind of out on a farm so the scenery is nice. But I'm not sure if I should take her there or a real restaurant with waiters and stuff?


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  • Whatever you have in mind for your second date, I'm sure it will go well appreciated.

    This has nothing to do with the age range of the girl like the other poster suggested.

    It has to do with the persons personality.

    Are they easy to please?

    If so, take them where you think is great.

    She is with you to have a great time.

    Its not about the amount of money spent.


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  • This all depends man, how old are you how old is the girl how did you meet, what do you want out of her, what do you think you could get out of her?

    You need to realize its the thought that counts, trying to impress hard can come off as desperate or insecure quite easily, how would you feel if she wore a gstring and mini skirt out to this date?

    I would save the big stuff for after the 3rd date.

    1st 3 dates should just be something scenic and getting to know each other then you can ramp it up.

    White tablecloth resturaunts are really cheesy its were you should take your girlfriend not a date especially if you are in your early 20s.

    • If you want to be serious with her take her to some scenery and then to a movie, don't tell her you got tickets until youve met up and said do you want to see a movie, its smooth and its not awkward if she says no, if she says no try take her back to yours.