Back and forth text tag, how can I make it stop?

He ignores my text messages sometimes and doesn't text me until the next day. I have told him I hate when he does that and told him I'd do it to him and he didn't like the sound of that. Well he did it again so I started to treat him the same way he treated me. Anytime he'd do it, I'd do it right back. And then it got better and he stopped. Well last week someone stole my phone and I didn't get it back till the next day. And he had texted me when I didn't have my phone. I replied back right away but he never replied and now it has been a week. and I see him communicating on Facebook so I'm mad he's doing this purposely. I didn't want to bombard him with an excuse, plus I felt like we were so used to that routine he'd reply anyway I was gonna tell him after he replied but he didn't. So now what? If I hear from him again how do I tell him I'm tired of the back and forth text nonsense? Should I call him out on this?


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  • Easy don't respond to his text anymore, he knows how that makes you feel and he's still doing it. I doubt bringing it up is going to make a difference because you've already brough it up once before. Now ignore his text and let him have a tase of his own medicen I'm sure he won't be happy at all but he will learn.If you don't put a stop to it now he's going to keeping at it like that all the time.