Is this girl a dud or does she deserve another chance?

I have met this girl online. Long story short we send brief messages back and forth online for a day or two. I get her number and call her and ask her out on a date. We hit it off and make out at the end of the night. Honestly we had a great time. Well so she invites me over to her house for a movie and food.

I don't text her all weekend. She texts me back today (Tuesday) and says that she has not hear from me in days and is asking if it is safe to assume our date was off. I message her back 30 minutes or so later. I told her that our date was surely not off and I was looking forward to seeing her that night.

Well she then tells me she has some things she has to take care of and that tonight would not be a good night and asked if there was another day I would be free. I took this as a broken date and generally see this as a big disrespect for my time. I reacted and said "Everyone has their priorities I guess ill let you know". She got mad (via text) and said that she had a migraine and she was at the hospital because a friend of hers was in an accident.

Personally I don't believe the story but I'm not there so I can't say she lieing.

Is this a sign that she's a dud? Should I just take her word on it and not talk to her for a little bit and let her make the next move?


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  • Why didn't you text her during the weekend? That would have made me think "he is not into me. I go out on a date, we make out a little, then I invite him to MY place, to watch a movie and eat MY food.. and the guy doesn't even have the interest to message me one time?"

    You may be a busy man, but how long could it have taken you to send a message during the weekend? Just one message saying Hey. If she wouldn't have looked for you, would you have gone after her? It's enough already that she had to approach you to make sure things were okay. It didn't mean that she could see you that very night, it was just like "ok, this thing is driving me crazy, I'll just ask him".

    You don't know her long enough (lol, one week?) to know if she's lying or not. But then again, there would be no point in lying to you. Let's assume she's telling the truth. She's not telling you "oh well, I can't tonight, but I'll let you know when I feel like it". She asked if you'd be free another time. Clearly, she has interest in you, and you go and say "my way or the highway". Your attitude sucks.

    "Big disrespect for your time". It's not like she stood you up, don't be a p****. Maybe you can be the one to spare her the problematic games, so that she can move on to someone who shows more interest.

    "not talk to her for a little bit", yes, that surely is a mature way of taking things. If I were her, I'd just lose your contact and roll my eyes.


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  • sparrow24 said it perfect. there are a number of reasons she could have been upset, I'd say it's worth one more date to see if you like her!

  • She's mad because you did'nt text her all weekend. You left her hanging, then you want her to drop everything to go out with you that night. Yep, she is playing with you. Tell me do you like this girl, really like this girl. If you do, then give her another chance...treat her with some respect.

  • I think there are two possibilities here:

    One, she could've been upset that you didn't text her all weekend, but once you said you WERE looking forward to the date, that should've cleared everything. Why she would still get mad after that, I don't know. Once you mentioned priorities and didn't give her a day to reschedule, she got even more mad and told you about her headache and friend.

    Two, she may have been unsure of everything as she hadn't heard from you for a few days. Her friend got into an accident and she needed to be there for her, so she was trying to reschedule the date, so when you seemed not very understanding by mentioning priorities and not giving her an actual answer, she got her feelings hurt.

    If you really like her, give her the benefit of the doubt and at least try one more date.

    Good luck!

    • Exactly the type response I was looking for. I really appreciate it.. I will do just that

    • Anytime :-)

  • You sound mean and if I was her you'll never hear from me ever again . Priorities!?

    • Typical women response. But if we break a date where the heartbreaking a**holes.

      Common, at first I was not even provided with a reason. I am a busy man with 2 jobs and I feel like suddenly calling everything off with a poor excuse yielded a reaction.

    • Typical women response? Wow dude, hopefully she runs far away from you. Get your head out of your ass before you get involved with anyone.

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  • Its easy to try to say something in a text and the other one reading the text and completely different.

    Give her benefit of doubt once, and try not to make such vague statements. and see if she plays along - I don't say she's a lie - but what is the probability of having a friend in accident, see her in hospital, having a migraine all on your planned date night - I am not saying she's not good, it could be that she just panicked and just made something up.

    But I'd still give one more chance

    • and don't send such smart axx philosophical texts to someone you don't really know

  • Why didn't you text her that weekend? She's mad cause you pissed he off by saying stupid sh*t.

    She should give you another chance not the other way around. I mean no disrespect by the way. so don't be offended.

  • You were the one who didn't text her back the whole weekend, so she didn't disrespect you, you disrespected her.

  • I think deserves another chance, but don't ignore the signs if this continues. It's up to you how many strikes you take. If she's a serial liar or headcase she won't stop and that will go nowhere.

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