Should I try to start over with him?

there's this guy we dated for a while at first when I was playing hard to get he was all over me. then he would complain I'm to quite I'm so cold. so little by little I let my guard down. Once I show more interest and once he felt he had me things change long story short he wanted to stay friends. I told him I didn't want to. so I left him alone. I did send him a message a few months ago that I was thinking of him but that was it. Out of the blue he text me saying how was I doing I didn't expect him to say he was thinking of me. I didn't know what to say so I just sent a stupid happy face. that was on Monday. should I text him today or let him come to be I mean he was the one that ended it. not sure if he even wants me Help!


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  • If he ended it then unless he tries to start things again I wouldn't recommend trying anything. However, since he ended it in the first place after getting to know you better, it's likely that he would just break up with you again if you did get back together. I would really just say to either be friends like he wanted or continue to not speak with him.

    • ok your right but if he does come back around I do want to say I've changed a lot since I was last with him and realized a lot I didn't like the person I was before I was just a little bitter and hating life. now I am more of a calm happy person. Of course I want him to see it for himself and weather he come or not I'm going to be fine I do miss him a lot. thanks for the truthful answer.

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  • No you shouldn't. He's just messin with you.


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