Will she be expecting a kiss?

I'm planning on taking her out to dinner tomorrow and then my school is having a firework display after (I don't know if she knows or not, but I wasn't planning on saying anything about going to it beforehand)... Is it safe to say if dinner goes well (I'm sure it will) and she accepts my invitation to go watch the fireworks, at this point she'll be looking for our first kiss (I'm pretty sure she's also thinking relationship at this point, it's just a matter of getting there)? I think it'd be really special - just drives me crazy thinking about her...

Just to give a little back story I started sitting next to this girl in my lecture, we talked for a little, and got her number. We've hung out on campus once and went to dinner once (in addition to seeing/sitting next to her three times a week in class). End of last week I asked her out again and she kind of shook that off but instead offered I come have breakfast at her place (a classic "meet my roomies and friends") (of course I went).

I assume the answer is yes, but just felt the need to check with the community (falling in love does that to ya I guess ;)

Thanks for the help!

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Or would it be better if I waited until we were about to part ways for the evening?


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  • KISS HER! :) a good pump up song before going on your date to motivate you to do it is "kissed you" by glorianna. ;)


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  • Just go where the night takes you. If you feel like kissing her, and the moment is right, just go for it!


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  • Honestly didn't read much, I just saw taking out to dinner + fireworks. Kiss her