Ex girlfriend of 3 years gone now?

So ill try to make this as short as possible

Been dating my ex for 3 yrs, she breaks up the week of our anniversary. In fact I'm such an idiot I forgot out anniversary date. She always

kept track of the dates. I only learned dates after I'd forgot them once and it hurt so bad I never forgot them again.

She went on a work trip for 2 months during the summer. I talked to her a lot, then I didn't talk as much. My grandma had passed away one

month before and on top of that I had guests visiting and had to show them around the city. So I didn't spend as much time talking to my ex.

She breaks up halfway on her trip with me on MSN messenger. I did all the stupid stuff like begged and cried and all that. I waited

till she got back into town and talked to her again, but she would not meet up at all. So I became aggressive and she told me she is with

someone else now that took care of her on her trip. I don't believe it, because at the end she said she only told me because she wanted me

to move on. And so I became an idiot I was so hurt that she cheated on me that I posted on FB. She saw it and got more hurt and blocked

me on FB.

My sister later called her to talk and see. But they both ended up fighting and things got worse. I didn't contact her for a month to hope

she would cool down. My ex tends to get angry very fast and says tons of things she never means. I finally texted her after a month and

she was pissed and mad like I've never seen her. In fact she seemed to be more mad at my sister than at me.

Telling me how I had the balls to text her back after everything. I finally got her to a point

after the 2nd day to calm her down. She seemed more calm, but said she's happier and wants me to let her be.

She said she felt like she was stuck and she got tired of putting in all the effort. When I met her I was the one who put in all effort

and then she started too as well. Then I stopped and I kinda took her for granted and just lost my own self too. Now she breaks up and

it's like I wake up to my old self again only to see everything tossed and turned.

I did send her a sorry card a few weeks ago and I know she read it, but she never said anything back. And yesterday I decided to go to her house

and mailed a custom sorry card, I decorated it by hand inside to write out good memories we had and places we went too and all.

I added in a personal letter too and photo's of us and some of hers as a baby she gave me. I kept them all.

I don't know what else to do. I realized I'm the guy that fights for a girl. I fought for her the day I met her and it was hard for me

to come out and tell her how I felt. And it's hard now too, though I finally realized I owned up to my mistakes. I guess she is really

heartbroken and hurt. I realize I love her a lot, and I'd do anything I can to find a way to make her smile once more.


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  • you should just accept your present, she didn't love you as much for forgive your mistakes, and she is not in love with you to let her anger on the side and be with you. you has too much pride and you have done more than any guy would ever do for her.

    If she is blind to not realized your love for her LET HER GO, she already told you she is happy being her and I don't think there is nothing that will change her mind.

    Instead of thinking and killing yourself on how to get her back, work on yourself, find a new hobby, go out, get new clothes or what ever to make a change in yourself.


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  • If she can't realize what an amazing guy you are, she's not worth fighting for.

    She cheated on you. You deserve better.

    • See I don't know if she cheated on me.. I really think she didn't but she's saying it to hurt me because she is hurting. I checked her FB and see no signs of her talking to another guy. We talk on MSN always before and I can see she hasn't deleted me off her MSN list. So I don't think she is talking to anyone else. But then again I could be wrong, but she was always loyal to me and after her being hurt I don't see her being the type to cheat. But no way I'll know if she doesn't sit down and talk

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    • yeah I understand I thought a lot about that too.. But I finally got over it knowing I hurt her a lot for her to get to a point where she has to hurt me back. She never once ever hurt me before though when she did get angry she would say lots of stuff and most of it she never meant. Maybe she said it becauise she wanted to distance herself from me and felt if she said that then I'd back off and leave her alone. I was kinda all over her when she got back and didn't give her space. But I agree

    • idk man. I mean, it's your decision. But I think you should accept yourself as single and get ready to mingle.

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  • Basically she broke up with you because you forgot your "anniversary" ? That's bollocks.

    She probably was trying to find a plausible reason to unleash her fury on you.

    I sincerely doubt she is heartbroken.

    • no not because of our anniversary.. she broke up with me BEFORE it. But then I forgot the date anyways later on when I said our anniversary is coming up. And I think that just justified it even more for her to break up with me.

      The reason she told me was she got tired of doing everything.. planning where we go, we eat, getting me to go out etc.. I just became this lazy slob guy. I guess she spoiled me too much and I kept taking it all. I stopped doing all the things I used to do for her.

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    • At the same time, she used extreme measures, which makes me doubt she is really in for a dialogue. You should wait a little, send her a letter telling her you understand what went wrong and why she got angry, and wait to see if she contacts you back. Otherwise, not much left for you to do.

    • yeah I did that yesterday. I went to her house in the morning and just put my letter in her mailbox. Basically put in a custom sorry card about it all, some photos we had, a personal letter and a lucky necklace I always wore and wanted to give her before she went on her trip but never got a chance.