Is he interested in me anymore or ...?

This will be a rather lengthy question to seek advice on, but the situation is complicated and I can't seem to shake attempting to process it every 5 min... I’ve had a crush on a guy for a decent amount of time now. Mostly prompted by the fact that he seemed interested in trying to get to know me for a bit. But this past summer every time I saw him around campus I had to be the one to initiate the greeting: / One evening we both got a little drunk at a party and end up making out and fooling around. The next day he messaged me on FB asking how I was doing... I was really ashamed of my behavior and kind of ignored is question for a day or two, but when I finally got the courage to text him back, he seemed short and disinterested... Now a few weeks later, he messaged me on FB again making small talk about to 1/2 marathon I’ll be partaking in Nov, he said he’s volunteering at the event, and participating and basically suggested I help him train sometime. I’m confused on what is going on in this man’s head?

anyone there?


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  • So November had gone by..I'm curious to c what happened


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