Clueless of what to make of this?

My boyfriend is obsesses with my face but only certain part of it and the most important part is being left out.

He love to touch my nose constantly and my cheeks. He will kiss them constantly and will never kiss me on the lips where I needed it most. He will even play with my nose, like you do a baby and rub his nose against mine.

I have no idea what to make of it. Who will prefer to kiss nose and cheeks and not kiss a mouth only a peck on lips. I am even thinking I have bad breath or something.


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What Guys Said 1

  • ask him why

    • He said although I don't like it, I should let him do it because he wants to and he sees nothing wrong with it.

      He play with his Mother nose, he love dog so he even plays with his dog noses.

What Girls Said 1

  • While he is kissing you, tell him can you kiss me on my lips?

    • You really shouldn't ask your boyfriend once he is kissing up your face to kiss your lips. Its weird.

    • Why not? He's your boyfriend you should be able to ask him anything.

      I don't think its weird while your in the moment to tell your boyfriend what else you'd like.

      Seriously, you need to stop thinking everything is weird.

    • Please tell me you're not really the age it says cause you and your boyrfriend sound like you're still in high school. He won't kiss you on the lips and you won't ask him too? If you can't ask for what you want then you can never really expect to get it can you?