He says he's confused, after only three dates?

I asked this guy out that I see at work sometimes. We went on two really awesome dates, have tons in common, get along really well, have easy conversations, are incredibly attracted to each other- everything seemed awesome. Then he came over to my place and we drank wine and talked (and kissed) all night. We had some real talk - I told him I wasn't looking for a random hook up, he said he was interested. He also did tell me though that he got out of a long relationship, about 7 months ago and is lonely. (red flag to me.) I felt like maybe he isn't ready. He said "there's something about you though!"

I'm very intent on staying casual, at least for now, and made that clear. I definitely don't want to be rushing into anything stupid, or dramatic.

I asked him to stay because we'd been drinking, nothing had to happen, it was late, etc. We ended up making out in my bed, and I wasn't intending for anything to really happen, and all of a sudden he gets up and is like, we can't be doing this on the third date, and leaves all quick.

He shot me a text to tell me he got home okay, and I got it the next morning - responded good, glad, and I'd like to see you soon. he says - I'm confused about what happened last night. I need some time to think.

It's been 4 days. I've left him alone. He hasn't gotten in touch. What the hell is this? Why is he confused, so quick? It's been pretty stupidly simple, I've made it VERY easy for him, and very casual. I'm going to see him tomorrow at work, and I don't even know how to act now.


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  • well casual it like this the guy have fallen for you when on the rebond if you would like to keep seeing him just be kind an just tell him you understand an you won't push . an tell him when he gets ready you will talk with him. don't run him off.


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  • well...you asked him out..maybe he isn't that into you, it's just like when a guy asks a girl out and she isn't that into him. you made the moves, it's possible he didn't feel the same, just saying.