Apologizing even if they're stubborn?

This guy and I got into a discussion via text and he said something cruel. It wasn't about me but towards something I like. I told him that it hurt and he made another snide comment. I responded by telling him that it was uncalled for and I will never change my opinion on something just to appease another person. I said goodbye and left it at that. He's very stubborn and very opinionated so I wasn't expecting anything. To my surprise, a half hour later he said he was out of line and apologized. I was on shock! He never admits to anything especially when it comes to being wrong. He then continued to text silly. I guess he knows how to make me smile. Would any guy normally do this? We rarely talk and hang out.


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  • If he truly felt sorry than yeah he'd apologize. Sometimes people just need time to cool off

    • I'm the one who he upset. He said something that hurt me which I openly said so and he responded with another comment. I then told him that we each had the right to our own opinions and then told him to have a good night. I didn't want to text about it anymore. I wasn't expecting a response from him at all! If anything, it was me that needed to cool off!

    • I understand but maybe he just felt really bad. If I upset somebody and they need time to cool off I still might throw in an apology at some point in the night and then leave that personal alone so they can cool off. It's just to let them know I know I made a mistake

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