He quit talking to me?

so I went on a date with this guy and it went really well. he asked me to kiss him at the end and I did then I walked away then he told me to wait and kissed me again. he texted me that night sqaying that he had a great time and now he doesn't talk to me. it's been like 2 weeks and I texted hime Saturday and he didn't respond...what's up?


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  • Maybe he just wasn't into you. There's nothing wrong with just maybe you dint click with him. Next

    • i click with everyone...he even said he really liked me. this makes no sense

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    • Yikes what an idiot maybe he blames you. You are probably better off. Moral of the story, don't text and drive

    • haha alright whtever I alreqady started dating someone else it just frustrated me :) haha

  • he's not into you. move on.