I want to make sure he isn't just going to sleep with me and leave.

Ok, so I've been talking to this guy for about a week now. We constantly text and we've hung out 3 times. The first time he invited me to his friends party, the second and third we watched movies at my house. Now, we only cuddled and talked. He didn't even try to kiss me. The 1st time he flirted a lot and put all attention on me and didn't bother either other girls there really, than he slept over and we only cuddled, he held me all night,held my hand, didn't try anything more. The 2nd time we cuddled and talked, stilled didn't try anything. We make each other laugh a lot. The 3rd time I was off work sick and he came over to watch movies with me, but earlier in the day I was at his work and he wanted me to come say hi to him. He doesn't delete my Facebook post and doesn't have any flirting with other girls online. Is it going good? Or am I friend zoned. May I also mention I work third shift, he works and goes to class so only time we really can hangout is at night or weekends. I want to make sure he isn't just going to sleep with me and leave. He also hasn't said straight out that he likes me


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  • This sounds like more than just a friend. You are in, congrats!


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  • ...Wow okay.

    If it isn't clear to you it is to me - you're in!