Could losing someone forever be the best ending?

ok so we were dating for like 3 years broke up dated other people and got back together. it was always a sore spot that I dated someone else but anyway we ended up breaking you again but he really didn't want to. he keeps calling me and hell even bring up the other boy I dated and its just awful. I don't know what else I can do except ignore him and loose him forever :( we had it so good too :( but every time we talk he makes me miserable and I don't want that. he says I need to be mature and we need to talk about this but I don't think there's anything left to talk about. he's yelled at me and we've talked multiple times but it doesn't do anything for either of us. I just don't understand, someone please help me figure out what to do.


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  • If you can't go out with him anymore and he can't not want to go out with you, unfortunately, you gotta cut him out. Some people you can manage to keep in your life but it doesn't sound like that can happen with him. Maybe you can try being friends again in a while after he's gotten over it but who knows how long that could take?

  • When you lose something you think it's bad but often it works that way - if you could switch the time back and make it different - sometimes the result would be even worse, losing someone is better than witnessing their change for the worse - that they're "not the same" anymore.

    Always be careful what do you wish for.


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