Dating policies. Is this even legal?

Can companies that provide professional services enact dating policies such as that of no dating clients? I am referring to companies that provide college/university/graduate school counseling services and preparatory workshops. Is it justified for such companies (reportedly and calling themselves the best in the industry) who refer to their employees as professionals to prohibit their employees from going out with their clients/tutees? Last of al, is this a common practice in this industry?


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  • dating clients can be a touchy subject. if the emploie and the client break up break up the client might stop buying/using the product.

    I hate companies that clame they are the best or number one without backing up their clame. reminds me of the Facebook games that state they are the best addicting game you can ever play.

  • lol It's unprofessional. They want you to do your job and not falling head over heels with a client. You'll also develop a bias for that client.

    • Hmm but what if that client has stopped being a client (workshop/course has ended)?

    • If there is no chance of that person being a client to the other again, it should be okay. Though I would suggest not to make it too obvious if your professional relationship ended a very short time ago.

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