Kissing tips?

guys, what do like being done to you while being kissed?


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  • KISS!

    The KISS is really the introduction to love, true love. The kiss prepares the participants for the love life of the future. It is the foundation, the starting point of sexual love. And it is for that reason that the manner in which the kiss is performed is so vitally important.

    The deliciousness of a long-remembered kiss was beautifully expressed in a poem 'called, "Three Kisses," in which occurred the verse:

    I gently raised her sweet, pure face,

    Her eyes with radiant, love sight filled.

    That trembling kiss I'll ne'er forget

    Which both our hearts with rapture filled.

    First Step!

    Lift your lips away slightly, center them so that when you make contact there will be a perfect union.

    Second Step!

    Notice, only momentarily, the picture of her teeth in her lips. And, then, like a sea-gull ' swooping gracefully down through the air, bring your lips down firmly onto the lips of the girl who is quivering in; your arms.


    - Behind their ear.

    - Tip of their nose.

    - Back of their neck.

    - Underside of their forearm.

    - Curve of their waist.

    - Palm of their hand.

    - Inside their wrist.

    - Under their chin.

    - Their eyelids.

    - Inside of their ankle.

    - Their collar bone.

    - Tips of their fingers.

    - Their spine.

    - Small of their back.

    - Their tummy.

    - Behind their knees.

    I Hope You would Enjoy...


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  • Well, I met this girl at a party and so after we kiss, she gives me a little kiss on the cheek, just like a signature. It makes me melt, it's so cute. My signature is to give a French kiss and when it's over, I give one last little kiss (with no tongue) on the lips, like a signature too. You should definitely try something like this.

  • i like it when girls have sex with me while kissing me


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