He said "we can" hang out but I haven't talked to him since Monday

I met a guy through my friend last weekend but we were drinking so I don't remember everything crystal clear. I had his number so I texted him a little and said we should hang out again if he wanted to too. He said "yeah we can" he was just going through a lot at the moment. I know he's having a hard time, but at the same time, I'm not sure if he actually wants to hang out again. I sent him a text the other day just saying that I hope he's doing good but he didn't respond. I really want to meet him again and I've done all I can, do I just need to wait or is he not interested?


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  • I've been in this guys shoes before with a lot on my plate and a girl wanting to hangout. The girl that I was talking to understood I had a lot going on, but she took the initiative and asked me when I was free and I told her a day, but it wasn't set in stone and it worked out pretty good from there.

    I'd say don't give up just yet. Be persistent and ask him when he's free and if he doesn't know then tell him to let you know when he's able to hangout.


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