Guys would you ever date a woman like this?

She is very beautiful, smart and Talented. Sexy. incredible sense of humour and smiling most of the time. She is Independent she is not financially stable but working towards a career and also working towards starting a business so that she will be fincially stable. She understanding,romantic, good and bed and will go to the end of the earth to make you happy. She stands up for herself and will defend you at all cost

There is one problem- She is not as healthy as the average person you meet. she has had three near death experiences when she was a child. She is somewhat healthy now but she has to be on medication for the rest of her life

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She will die if she is off her meds. everything she does she has to consult a doctor even if she is taking vitamins, regardless she is still energetic, keeps fit, models, cook doesn't sleep around. She wants to have children in the future but her chance of living if she has a baby is verrry high risk, but if you wanted kids she would risk it for you.
I am that girl. I have been healthy for the past 26 years, no relapse or anything except the time when I took some pills that I am not suppose to and I ended up in the ER. I am with someone now, he knows my health risks bu I just think he is gonna leave one day. He wants kids and I do too but it is very risky for me, he knows it is but he thinks it will work one day.

I don't kn ow I am just scared that he is gonna get annoyed
not 26. 16 years lol


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  • I have a family member that has dealt with heart issues all her life. They never expected her to live past 16, she is in her late 30's now. She still has heart issues but, everyone deserves a chance at love. She married and although kids was not an option she still has the support of her mate. I hope that helps you knowing others know what you are going through. By the way, the last surgery they did on my relative was the Fontan procedure at 36 years of age. Very risky for an adult but, she survived and would not have without the surgery. She too is on drugs for life and has to follow a strict doctors order for any new medication. That being said yes, if I liked the girl there should not be nothing in the way looks/health from asking her out. Attraction to me is more a personality and intelligence thing.


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  • She sounds like the perfect woman. If she's beautiful inside and out, and we're both into each other, why would I pass that up? If I'm into her, I don't care if she's working at McDonald's for living or if she's some high powered exec. If she's a great girl, I'd be there to try to support her any way that I can.And knowing that she doesn't sleep around and you can trust her...perfect

    • doesn't it bother you that she may just die at any point?

    • But if there is a possibility I feel she is the one, why would I let that thought stop me?

    • aww that's sweet :)

  • If she was attractive, sure. Although I'm a bit nervous about the 'having kids' deal though.

  • Like she has PTSD or something?

    • Heart Probems. She was born with a heart defect and had surgery when she was a child. her near death experiences are heart failures and being on flatlines

    • I would date her. I personally know someone with a heart problem and she is married to my brother. Hers are mild though.

    • :)

  • No

  • well, if she was the one that I had dreamt of, and she likes everything that I like, I would totally marry her. to me, having children is no biggie. As long as I will always get to be with her, I don't care if we never have a baby. Does that mean that we can never have sex? I am perfectly fine with fapping, I'm still a virgin, but I have GREAT orgasms from fapping. Can we still have protected sex?

    • u can still have sex lol

  • What are the near death experiences?

    • heart failure

    • I would date someone like that, but I doubt I'd every marry one. The deal breaker is the fact that you have to risk your life to have a child

    • yea I agree

  • I won't do the poll. I don't think I could. Two x gf's of mine died as did the majority of my family. I have seen too much death and I am frankly sick of it. I want to be the next to die and not my loved ones anymore.

  • The second half doesn't bother me. The first half kind of does. lol


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