What should be the first text I send a girl?

Me and this girl are in an engineering group working on a project. we never do anything in the group but flirt with each other when we are supposed to be working. I have her number but cannt think of a good text to send her. any ideas?


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  • say hi lol

    since you have class together bese the conversation on something that happened in your class


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  • Send her this text "Hello, howare you? I had to ask strange people on the internet for their opinions on what I can say in a text to you because it shows that I am self conscious and care what other people think and am scared of rejection. I could not just flat out ask you "how are you, what are you doing" because I am too scared to talk to girls" :D

    Of course, I say that in jest :D


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  • Whatever you do, don't text something like "hey", "what you doing", "whats up". Try something new and unique. If she like it then good. If not then its all good. If she doesn't like you just because of a text then it means she didn't really like you much in the first place.

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