What do I do? am I doing the right thing? am I a bitch for doing this? help!

okay so I was talking to this boy for like a week and at first I thought he was so cute and I liked him but, now I don't like him because he didn't something that I don't like when guys do and it just completely turned me off (as in made me stop liking him) but I decided since I don't like him I'm not going to text him or talk to him so basically I'm ignoring him.

this kid keeps calling me and texting me and I won't answer his calls or reply to his texts , and he kept messaging me on Facebook and commenting on my stuff trying to get my attention my not interested at all, so I blocked him on Facebook but he still keeps texting and calling me. but I figures since I blocked him he would get the hint that I want nothing to do with him.

My friends keep telling me that it's making me sound like a bitch ,or I'm being a bitch because I'm ignoring him but I don't think I'm doing anything wrong because it was never anything serious. but I don't know him I'm leading him on or if I'm doing the right thing by just ignoring him. but I honestly don't see it as leading him on if we only talked for a week. :O


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  • well, ill tell ya, what you're doing isn't EXACTLY the most respectable thing in the world but it is bound to happen both ways. honestly, the best thing to do would just to tell him the what's what. at least that way you aren't leaving him hanging and hell most likely leave you alone. granted he might not also, but that's why you get HUGE male friends like me to make guys stop :)


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