Should I send her a good morning text?

Quick Background: Been talking to a girl for about a week and a half, and have sent her a couple flirty texts to let her know I'm interested, and she seems responsive in person and friendly in person. Also I'm 18 she's 17

Anyway me and her have texted back and forth about 40ish times in total(not much I know) just talking about mutual interests, would it be weird to send her a good morning text after only showing interest for a week and a half?

Also about what time should I do it? it'll be tomorrow which is a Saturday

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  • A good morning text is nice, I would. Time? Depends if she works late at night or during the day. Not too early, maybe around 10:00 am?

    • 10 am Seems about right. I'm curious though should I be aiming for her to wake up and first thing in the morning see the text, or do girls like it when after like an hour of being up they get a good morning text?

    • wake up and see it!

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