How to approach this situation? (need a female's perspective)

Had been texting and talking everyday with this girl for about 2 weeks. Went on first date Tuesday night with 3 of her friends and one of mine (she's kind of shy). Date went great and we got some alone time and talked. During the date she even grabbed and held my hand a couple times (she initiated). Next day she text me making plans for a second date and also saying that I was awesome and she felt comfortable around me alone (her words). Her daughter and dad were both sick prior to the date and Thursday (2 days after date) she said that they both had gotten sicker and didn't say she needed space but when I ask could I call she said " I'm at my moms right now" and that was it no reply or update afterward. I sent a text saying hope they get better and to keep her head up. We had been talking everyday leading up to Thursday. Today is Friday and I know this might be premature but she's different and I like her and don't wanna mess things up. Am I reading into it too much? If not, How should I approach this situation? Thanks ladies...


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  • If they really are that ill , give her some space. Let the sickness run its course, maybe she really needs to help them out.

    send positive/reassuring messages "hope all is well" "could I help with your family situation?" etc

    maybe ask her to coffee/quick lunch if she has the time. . .

    don't expect much for the next few days, if she doesn't reply it ok.

    by mid week if your still not getting any responses from her simply ask "you still want to set up a second date?" then you can figure out if she is ignoring you or not.


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  •'s only 3 days since your first date right? I wouldn't look into it too much. She might be busy especially with a sick child. You did the right thing by sending the well wish text. When you texted the next day did you guys actually set a time and date for your next date? If you did and it is getting close, you could confirm that date. Check to make sure everyone is doing better first and then confirm date. If no firm date, I would wait a couple of days. She might be overwhelmed with taking care of people or even sick herself. All the signs are there that things went well. Sometimes it is just bad timing. Don't disappear but do give a couple of days...unless your date is close by. Good Luck!

    • so if last contact was Thursday when should I send a get well text?

    • I think you can do a follow up today... Saturday. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Totally stinks when everyone is sick...sorry you are going through this. I'm here when you have time or follow up on your date plans if you had set any. I wouldn't offer is there anything I can do or send flowers if you guys just met recentyl.some girls might take that as odd or too invested. Just offer to be there to cheer her up when it's over. Maybe say when everyone is feeling better lets

  • Look you've gone on one date, and these are the most important people in her life. I think you need to step back and realize that she isn't trying to pull you around. She likely isn't thinking about you at the moment, and that may sound harsh, but you need to give her time to get her life back on track before she can even start to think about you. All you can really do is send her texts with your support and not care when you don't get a response. After some time has passed she will likely contact you. If you really want to impress her I guess it wouldn't hurt to sent flowers for daughter.

    • ok thanks so maybe give it a couple days and check on her?

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    • Sounds like a good plan to me.

    • I agree that is a good plan. I think it was a good amount of time to wait the three days to text or call. I think you are handling every thing perfect. Trust yourself. She wil;l appreciate it in the end :)

  • Give it some time, if she continues to ignore your texts in about a week or so, that's it. could be a change of heart or maybe her friends didn't like you..could be a lot of things, but if after a week or twon she doesn't answer move on!


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