Why do guys say one thing, but do the other?

Okay so I really like this guy, and he gave me his number and asked me to text him. So I texted him, but he never replied. Then he would tell me that he would text me tomorrow, but he never does. This has happened multiple times and its to the point know where I can't believe anything he says. He asks me to hang out with him, but he doesn't text me or anything. And when do text him, he texts me back for a bit, but then he stops replying. What do I do?


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  • It's nothing to do with guys, just the one guy you got.

    Basically, he's a flake. It's one of the big no-no's of dating / hooking up (say you're going to call and not call, say you'll pick her up at 7 and you arrive at 8, etc... )

    What to do?

    Wellllll you get to make a decision. You can try to pursue a flake for a boyfriend, and keep pandering to him. It might work, and who knows, you might even be strangely happy (I have a hard time seeing it though).

    Or... you can just cut him loose and play the field for a better contact. If the guy can at least do what he says, then you'll at least have a platform to work off of.


What Girls Said 1

  • Not sure why he's doing that. I assume he's probably into you considering he gave you his number, and maybe he's pretty sporadic with the text replies because he's either not ready to commit, or is just self conscious.

    Depending on how long or how close you guys are, you should probably ask him straight up what he wants with you. (a relationship or to just fool around)

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