Why do people hate admitting when they're wrong?

I'm all about accountability; however this one guy hates admitting that he's wrong! We got into a heated discussion and finally said "alright fine, I was out of line, I'm sorry." you see, we were texting and I text that I didn't want to talk about ît anymore and for him to have a good night. I didn't even bother arguing,!i just said we had the right to our own opinions and there was no reason to be mean. A half an hour later, he said that. I admit, the way he said it got me perplexed. I like him, just wasn't remotely expecting him to apologize. He even tried to be cutesy after that. I don't know what to think about this. Why is it so difficult for people to admit to being wrong? Why did he have to say "alright fine" ? It's not like I was nagging or anything...it was like he was giving in..


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  • He was giving in.

    He still is of his same belief as he was before but gave in because he thought it was better than arguing about it or discussing it further

    • But I made no attempt to discuss it further. I dropped it and everything, even told him to have a goodnight.

    • It sounds more like a "cbf talking to you any more, youve annoyed me" type comment

      hes just trying to make sure you're not annoyed

    • What does cbf stand for? It's interesting you say that because in the past, he would have just left it be and not say anything. As I said before, was not expecting an apology what do ever! I was stunned! I almost wanted to text "where did THAT come from?!" I'm just curious as to why it changed all of a sudden.

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