Post 1st date frustrations!

Me and a guy went on a 1st date. Had a great time, great chemistry, and fooled around a bit.

The next day I texted him to let him know I had a great time and that I would like to do something again. We texted back and forth for a bit.

He didn't ask anything about a second date and after a few days of not hearing from him I brushed him off.

A week later he texts me. We flirtatiously text back and forth a bit, again.

I text him a couple day later just to say hi. We text back and forth a couple times.

Is he going to ask me on a second date or not? Is he maybe just taking things slowly, or is he putting me on the back burner?


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  • That sucks! It seems like he is putting you on the back burner but only he knows. The main thing is that you should not be feeling stressed or anxious about it. I find that if a guy is interested he asks you out fairly quickly. Guys can still "take it slow" and go out on dates with you. Just match his interest level or even a little less and go out on other dates to occupy your time. Also, after going on a few dates with others, you might find how to know when they are interested.

    In my experience, they check to make sure you got home alright and secure a 2nd date then. Some even call on the car ride home or plan it at the end of the date...LOL. Others for fear of appearing to interested, will call you a few days later...but usually within that week and always asking for another date.

    Don't sweat him though...his loss if he doesn't ask and he's not worth the time if he is just going to text you to flirt here and there. I've had those too. Good Luck!

  • back burner, you shouldn't have texted him after the date, you should have waited for him to text you. he isn't chasing you enough.

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