What option would you choose if you had no job?

not really a dating question but a life question , what option would you take if you were in a similar situation .

lets say late 20's , single , no job , some money in the bank , living with parents , have car

- option one status quo . stay local and keep looking locally for work and dates

- option 2 move to large city where you went to college before , around 1million people , wide variety of things to do , possible employment and lots of singles

- option 3 more to western city where there is lots of jobs due to booming oil and gas economy

- option 4 seek work in country like australia for a year

  • Option one - status quo
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  • Option 2 - large city
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  • Option 3 - go west
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  • Option 4 - foreign trip
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  • Its a bad idea to move to another area without having job security. You don't wanna assume it'll be so easy to get a job then be stuck stranded and broke. Concern yourself with dating after you have gotten your stuff in order. Maybe you should apply tojobs in the large city and then relocate only when you are hired. Then if you wanna go for the last 2 options you can go from there

    • well that is an issue I have been looking into , there does seem to be a lot of jobs listed there online and places looking for people . I don't think it be impossible to at least find something

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  • I'd say option B. You already know some people there since you went to college there. Or at least you know the city. I wouldn't go to another country since that will cost you a lot fo money. I wouldn't go for C, but that depends if you're picky on having a job.

  • For me personally, A. I grew up out here, I'm happy here and I know I can always find a job (no matter how low-paying) out here because I have friends and networks. Nobody likes to do the morning milk shift, I can always work that! Plus I hate the city.

    If it got really bad, I'd head west. Again, I come from the agriculture sector so I'm going to look for jobs in that sector and areas with those kind of jobs.

    • i have found jobs locally over the years but nothing has worked out and employers seem to be less willing to hire after these failed previous experiences , forgot to mention I live in a smaller town so there isn't a lot of options and its a very seasonal area busy during the summer quiet rest of year

    • There are "no jobs" in this town either, my hometown has 50 people. You can always find work, it just depends on how dirty you want to get. As said, I can ALWAYS do the morning milk shift because very few people want to get up at 4am and that's a steady job. If you are willing to work hard long hours, there's always a job available, farming is now officially the largest sector in Ontario and there's always more jobs than people willing to do what it takes.

  • None of the above. Apply to jobs no matter what location they are at. Move to the place you are hired for a job. Don't look in just one specific location.

  • Don't move anywhere before you find a job, better to stay where you aren't paying rent. Maybe if you visit your old school they can usually help out alumni in their careers and jobs office. Maybe they can help get you interviews. Start putting your resume in everywhere you can locally and in other citys.

  • Canadian?

    Where did you go to school?

    What did you take in school?

    What would be your dream job?

    • yes , Ottawa , business and small business courses , not 100% sure but something that allow me to do my own thing or I was my own boss

    • Are you strong? Willing to work hard? Long hours? Be away from everyone you know?

      Tons of jobs in Fort McMurray and the like...

      Good pay, high turnover cause people can't hack it...

      If you think you can... Move West...

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  • 1. No

    2. Yes if that is the urban population. Metro should be bigger.

    3. Yes but wait for Romney to be elected.

    4. Yes if Obama is re-elected. The USA will be toast.

    • i don't think the status quo is much of an option either not unless I find a job soon .

      the whole area there is about 1million people I remember , its a big area with a little bit of everything

  • you g2 ask yourself what makes you happy m8, and trust me don't go ft. mac like betwynn said.There's like 10 hot girls in the entire city and like 1000000000000000000000 guys. Watch https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=XrHQxvsOW8E and you'll quickly see its not worth it haha. If you're looking at an option go 2-3 years, work like an animal, save up, then move to a better city and do something there. Edmonton is a piece of sh*t, Calgary is all right, Vancouver is nice but the work industry isn't as good, still better than Toronto tho. And don't go to Australia most of the people from Australia come to Western Canada for jobs :P trust me I got like 8 aussie friends all came here for work. If you're looking to settle down Vancouver is a great city you could probably be a bank advisor or something, or do some minor accounting work at a Oil and Gas company in Calgary. GL

    • i've heard of fort mcmurray was never really considering it as an option in the first place . don't have a mechanical background or industrial experience so wouldn't get the good jobs there . I have been to some of the cities out west at one time or another , was in winnipeg for a week last year it was OK but not interested in living there . been to edmonton once and wasn't that into it and did see vancouver a few years back only saw a tiny bit of city . only been at calgary airport .

    • winnipeg is all right not as big of a boom though, don't go saskatchewan unless you like -50 degree wheather and pills

  • I'd go get another degree.

  • i chose 4 but then realized if I was jobless would probably want to stay in my homeland

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