Online Dating Conundrum...

Ok so I caved and gave online dating a try. Its interesting to say the least. I messaged one girl and we hit it off. We exchanged phone numbers and were texting back and forth for like two weeks. Eventually we met up in person. I am not good with first dates. I took her to a place to get something to eat and talk. Then I drove her home to her place in the city. We talked a lot that night, but I could tell that she was shy. I texted her the next day (I don't wait three days) and never got a response. I waited another day and sent one more text and got no response. I figured she wasn't interested, which surprised me to be honest.

I have gone back on the dating site and she keeps viewing my profile. I will visit hers to see what happens and then she views mine again. Is she not sure about me or something. What should I do?


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  • Did you tell the truth on your profile? I did when I tried it and it got me nowhere. And I am a huge advocate AGAINST lying as you will get caught and can face serious legal consequences for it.

    Basically online dating ONLY works if you can TRUTHFULLY say both that you are 5'10" or taller and make $150,000 a year or more. Too many sizist and corporatist women on those sites. Even the "liberal" ladies on those sites have those same outrageous requirements. Also, if you can't take good pictures or you don't have any, your profile won't even get looked at. Looks, height and income are the ONLY things that matter to those women. Apparently you, asker, met all those requirements, that's why it worked for you.

    • I told the truth...

    • You were lucky then. Maybe you had a good picture? That may have been my problem, I can't even smile right.

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  • she might not be sure about you, that's waht I think.


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  • Maybe just shoot her a message asking her why she keeps checking out your profile if she isn't interested in seeing you again. Or why she doesn't return your message if she is interested in seeing you again. Just make it clear that you're cool either way and just curious.