I'm nervous around the girl I like.

We text a lot and but we hardly get to see each other. She knows that I like her. Last night we saw each other and she came and talked to me. I find it hard for me to talk to her face to face. I can't think straight, and I start talking faster than usual. How can I stop being so nervous around her and what should I say to her the next time I see her or next time I text her, cause I don't know if she likes me.


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  • Next time you see her coming over to talk to you: TAKE A DEEP BREATH! There's nothing wrong with being nervous, it's perfectly normal. When you notice yourself speeding up, make an effort to just slow down. With practice it will become easier.

    You said you guys text a lot. What do you talk about when you text? Talk about those things.

  • Just be chill. To be honest girls are usually understandingand will take shyness as a cute tip off that you like us. This allows us to either show our affection towards guys or give them a slight nudge away to let them know were not interested.


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