How do I tell this girl I don't want to date her because I don't trust her?

I met this girl at work and she's known for being a player. Everyone says she's clever and dangerous. She told one of the girls last week that she genuinely likes me and wanted to ask me out because she thinks I'm not going to make the first move (which is true). Finally today she asked me out and I told her I would think about it and get back to her. I don't want to date her though because I don't trust her. I mean, she's really nice towards me and has taken me out on a few occassions and buys me things. She's a really good friend to me and we are close as friends but when it comes to dating I am very cautious about her. She's a good looking girl and is very nice and caring to me but she has been known to mess up guys' lives and has done it to a few guys in the workplace.

How should I tell her I don't trust her? Or should I give her another excuse? What would be a good excuse? I still want us to remain friends though because we have a lot of fun together.


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  • You should just tell her. Don't beat around the bush. Play the nice guy.

    "I'm flattered that you asked me out, but honestly I am not sure if I can trust you. I'm not trying to be a judge, but I'm just worried for myself. I also value our friendship and I'm not asking you to wait, but I want to keep rolling along till these emotions disappear. I don't know what to do to not feel this way or when it'll end, but thank you."

    • hmmm, you've done this before haven't you? lol

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    • interesting. what in particular do you write about?

    • I don't want to spam your question so I'll make this short as possible. I write almost "anything". My writing stems from joining rp threads to writing fan-fiction to orignal fiction. Creating character with detailed personalities and history. Also previously an animation major.

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  • Just tell her I like you as a friend but you're too much of a player for me, say it with a smile and keep calm; carry on

  • just tell her that you do not date anyone from work(even if you did). to much drama. do not get into details.


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  • How and what way did she mess up guys lives?

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