Ex girl comes and cuddles and shares stories?

Okay long story short

We met before summer, hooked up a few times and just got together. Over summer it was long distance and she kept saying that all of this was rushed, relationships are something to build up to and understanding each other.

I came back, it was up and down, break up, then a week later make up.

Nowadays, we talk very freely, sharing stories and being fun with each other, we watch movies together and whenever I just cuddle and kiss her, she's happy and she goes home happy.

Tonight I tried seducing her a bit Because I wanted it, and after the movie ended she just left, I walked her off and kissed her. She seemed kinda mad and was being short. What is she trying to conclude? Is she thinking that all I want from her is sex?

What do I do now? I want her back, but this is all so confusing


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  • Being frank is the best thing to do in life. When you need something ask for it. She should love what you are. If you try to please her then it would be a waste of your time and life.


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