How long should I wait to send a Facebook message? To inbox or not to inbox?

Met a guy last night at a club, and he seems so lovely. He was being quite gentlemanly (by clubbing standards) was funny and really nice. Anyway, I lost my phone a few days ago, so I asked for his Facebook instead when he asked for my number. I found him (not easily) and added him. He accepted about 14 hours after I sent the request (which was when I got home at something stupid in the morning)

So, I know a little about texting etiquette when it comes to people you don't know. But is there different rules for Facebook? Should I inbox him, or wait for him to come online? How long should I wait for, considering there isn't a natural conversation starter as there is with texting (where you have to start a convo to get the other number etc)

I wouldn't normally worry so much about this stuff, cause y'know, who really cares. But he seems (from the brief convo yesterday) genuinely lovely, and I don't want to come off badly :P


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  • send him a message to his inbox. Don't go over the top and call him sexy or anything like that, just talk to him like a friend

    • Haha, I wouldn't go over the top :P Just didn't want to come off weird or anything. From looking at this site in the past there seems to be all these rules and ideas associated with when and what you send as the first message haha

    • pretty much, it's hard to really mess up if he likes you back, but like I said.

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