Girls do you want the guys to text you first?

Whether you like them or not would you want them to text you first?

  • Yes I want the guys to text me first
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  • Yes I want to be texted first but I will sometimes text first
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  • No I want to text first
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  • No I want to text first but sometimes I want to be texted first
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Actually it doesn't really matter as long as he is replying with sensible responses. I just don't like when they reply half assed or ignore my text and reply a while later after I try to contact then with a bullsh*t excuse. My rule is...if you don't feel like texting just tell me...dont ignore me and have me waiting on you to reply. Drives me nuts. Other than that everything else is fine.


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  • Often it's my boyfriend who's texting first, not always, but often. It's not because of the "gender-role" but because of my character, I'm not good at contacting people by either calling, texting or simply walking up to them. I am getting better, but I'm not good at them.

  • surely surely is a must. otherwise, I will not take initiative, I'm too shy to make it. then linking with that, I cherish when a man takes the initiative, ALWAYS.

  • No. It would make me think he's not confident enough to act openly. And I tend to like confidence.

  • YESSSHH! ALWAYS. . . that wasn't sexist at all... >o^ lol, but sha ^-^ , if you make a girl text you first then its just like... --> (/0-0)/ really? \(0-0\) and when ya'll do text us first it's like ---> (\0o0/) = <3333

  • It just lets me know that he's thinking of me. Which is nice.


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